There is a chocolate for every palate

Hot pepper, basil, champagne, limoncello, salted caramel, whiskey… The special products prepared by Makbush Chocolatier in Nişantaşı attract gourmet chocolate lovers by combining quality Belgian chocolate with creativity.

Makbush Chocolatier is a boutique chocolate workshop and store in Nişantaşı. Both sales and production are carried out in the store by offering chocolate reminiscence of Parisian culture with its decoration and ideas. The brand emerged after the writer Makbule Cengiz decided to turn her delicious passion into work. It draws attention with its different concept and detailed gift boxes. The founder of the brand Makbule Cengiz says, “I do not only share chocolates, these are my dreams that will make people happy.”

Makbush Chocolatier prepares its handmade products with the highest quality Belgian chocolate and it is the focus of attention of gourmet chocolate lovers with its special recipes. The brand presents niche flavors such as hot pepper, basil, champagne, limoncello, salted caramel, and whiskey for chocolate lovers. The brand’s concept boxes such as Gourmet, Sommelier, Meeting and Fit, and Au Paradis, consisting of sugar-free chocolates, draw great attention from customers. Au Paradis, ‘in heaven’ in French, bring delicious chocolates together with special details such as flowers, candles, and macarons, and it has a design that makes the perfect gift.

Expanding its product range with candles and colognes, the brand offers its customers delicacies such as chocolate mousse, fondue, brownie, hot chocolate, coffee, and champagne in its boutique store in Nişantaşı. There are also vegan and kosher certified tablets and crushed chocolates.

Makbush prepares its chocolate contents with additive-free real fruit extracts and high-quality nuts. In addition, it makes special designs for organizations and concept packages for corporate collaborations as well as designing personalized gifts. It provides a delivery service by private courier in Istanbul and sends its products to any destination in Turkey.