Antteras residents live a peaceful and comfortable life in Beylerbeyi, one of the most special districts in Istanbul. The sales of Antteras Nev, the second phase project of Antteras continue.

The foundation has been laid for Antteras Nev, the second phase of Antteras, the award-winning project located within the boundaries of Kirazlıtepe-Küplüce on the ridges of Beylerbeyi with an amazing view of the Bosporus. Antteras Nev, which is designed with consideration to the historical texture of the Beylerbeyi district of Istanbul, provides a unique neighborhood. The project is reminiscent of a neighborhood of wooden houses, a typical feature of old Istanbul.

The focus of our project, which we have designed reflecting that living in Beylerbeyi is a joy, is the ‘individual’. Our aim is to accurately identify the needs of our customers and to provide the right solutions to these needs. Therefore, the Antteras Nev project, which is embroidered with the finest details and the art of architecture, remains a living space that produces solutions for all the needs of a family. The project consists of 54 houses including meticulously designed 12 garden duplexes, 12 roof duplexes, 24 four-bedroomed apartments and 6 three-bedroomed apartments. Antteras Nev, neighbour of Beylerbeyi Palace has wide layout plans and social spaces waiting for its residences to offer a brand-new life.

Many Ant Yapı buildings built and under construction in Türkiye and around the world are green certified. All materials used in our project Antteras Nev and the production of them are made in accordance with the technical specifications of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and in accordance with TSI norms.

Transportation is also very convenient at the Anteras Nev project, the address of a comfortable and luxurious life in the city and away from chaos, where you will be at home the moment you cross the Bosporus Bridge. Book your place now in Anteras Nev, which includes traces of delicately designed 18th century architecture.

The experiences of residents:

With the strength we derive from the joy of our residents, we have begun the construction for the second phase of the Antteras Houses. Let’s share the experiences of some of our residents in Anteras for those who are considering buying a house in the second phase.

  • Thirty-six-year-old Emre Gençmehmetoğlu living in Antteras with his family of three: “A LUXURIOUS LIFE WITH THE COZINESS OF A NEIGHBORHOOD”
  • Dr. Banu Büyükçayır with her three kids and beautiful family: “LIKE A SMALL EAGEAN TOWN IN THE CENTRE OF ISTANBUL”
  • Aylin and Oğuz Özkan who pay attention to real estate property: “WE ARE ADDICTED TO ANT YAPI”.
  • Ceyda Sıla Çetinkaya and Kaan Çetinkaya, who moved to Istanbul 6 years ago: “WE LOVE LIVING HERE”.