Ant Yapı’s international milestones

For 30 years, we have been building reliable and modern architectural residences, shopping malls, hotels, offices that make a difference with their design, and business towers in many large cities around the world. With our disciplined work ethic, our motto of delivering quality and timely work, and our approach focused on producing solutions rather than problems, we have accomplished more than 10 million square meters of projects in four countries. We would like to thank our employees who have added to our strength in our 30-year journey, and to Ant Yapı’s friends who have always been with us.

1991 Ant Yapı was established.

1994 We entered the Russian market.

2002 We started working in Moscow. We built the Korean Embassy building in Moscow.

2008 We proved our success in this field with the construction of the first skyscraper. In Russia, we completed the Federation Tower, which is 240 meters high and 165 thousand square meters. We started our first twin tower construction in Turkey. We delivered Anthill in 2010.

2012 We entered the Turkmenistan market.

2013 We established AntTeq company in Russia and strengthened our presence in this country.

2014 We received our first airport project. We undertook the construction of the Terminal 2 building of Domodedovo Airport in Russia.

2015 We entered the UK market with Ant Yapı UK; we started to carry out superstructure contracting and project development works. We built OKO Towers, the tallest building in Europe, with an area of 264 thousand square meters and a height of 352 meters.

2016 We made our first investments in Russia and England. We implemented housing projects in Fili Park, Moscow and Belgravia Gate, London.

2017 We started superstructure contracting activities in the Miami and New York offices with Ant Yapı USA. In the USA, we expanded our field of activity on an industrial scale with our company Stellar. We also demonstrated our presence in heavy industry in Russia.

2018 We started our first project in the USA. We undertook the renovation of the historic The Crown Building.

2019 We established our Ant Development company in Russia and started to carry out project development works. Our Soho+Noho project in Moscow was awarded the ‘Best Complex of Business Class Apartments’ at the Urban Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the international real estate industry. Our company AntTeq in Russia won the European Property Awards 2020 (International Construction Awards). We received the ‘Best Residence’ award at the ‘Sign of the City Awards 2019’, which is considered the Oscar of the real estate sector, with Antwell Good Life Houses in Turkey.

2020 We started many new projects in Russia including the construction of a new airport in Mirny, Russia’s Yakutia Region. We signed the contract for Mirny Airport, our first government-contracted project in this country. We also began the construction of Tolmachevo Airport in Novosibirsk, which is an especially important transit area.

2021 We are currently carrying out the construction of 48 projects in Russia, five projects in Miami and New York in the US market, and six projects in London, England.


30 years of experience

Operates in 4 countries

18,000 employees

Our ranking among the world’s top 100 construction companies: 80