The ‘best’ presents

For birthdays, greetings, anniversaries, and sometimes for no reason, the gifts we buy just to make our loved ones happy are the most delightful way to show that we are thinking of them. How about putting a smile on more than just one person’s face with these gift ideas? Here are a few alternatives prepared with thought, for good.

Presents for Life, UNICEF

The gifts you purchase on this site are delivered to the places where they are needed most, in more than 190 countries where UNICEF serves. Offering a variety of packages for different budgets, ‘Presents for Life’ are carefully selected from among the products that will make the biggest impact for children and change their lives. A special e-card with a photo or description of the gift is sent to the recipient. 

WWF Market, WWF

WWF-Market, put into practice by Reflector Studio and WWF-Turkey, is a website that sells licensed WWF products. Reflect Studio, which undertakes the design and production of products, is a B-Corp certified company that focuses on sustainability principles. Reflect Studio uses environmentally friendly, certified materials at every stage of production and observes fair trade conditions.


Established by the Foundation for Children with Leukemia, LSV Shops and their website offer beautiful handmade products produced by young people who have recovered from leukemia and mothers of children with leukemia, in the LÖSEV workshops run by donators and volunteers. Many products, from organic foods to toys, from ornaments to calendars, await you in this store.

Mor Çatı

By purchasing the products from the Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation, which opposes violence against women, you can help women and children build a new life away from violence. You can purchase the t-shirts designed by Ayşe Deniz Yeğin, Deniz Marşan / Direct Message, Dilara Fındıkoğlu, Eda Güngör / Museum of Fine Clothing, Mehtap Elaidi, Meltem Özbek, Özlem Ahıakın, Simay Bülbül, Şansım Adalı / Sudi Etuz and Zeynep Tosun, by sending your order to or you can purchase them through Morhipo and Hepsiburada.


İyi Kalpler Dükkanı, TOG

İyi Kalpler Dükkanı by Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı sells a variety of products to support young people. With the income from purchases; Community volunteers implement thousands of social responsibility projects every year to protect nature, human rights, animals on street, schools in villages, and social peace under #GençliğinGücüAdına.


When you click on the e-store tab on the site, it directs you to Trendyol. You can buy notebooks, calendars, pencil sets, bags, and T-shirts designed by Dice Kayek, to contribute to the education of children. You can also choose the education support certificate, which they will prepare with a name you choose.

Nahıl, KEDV

Nahıl, operating since 2003 was created for women all over Turkey and women’s cooperatives, giving them a platform to sell their products. Founded within the Kadın Emeğini Değerlendirme Vakfı, Nahıl aims to be a permanent market for women and a starting point for women’s participation in the economy. You can find a wide variety of gift options on the site.