Refresh your home this new year

It looks like we won’t be able to leave the house for a few more months and we are now using the same space for work, entertainment, peace and relaxation. If you want to add a fresh atmosphere and new energy to your home, we have some decoration trends for 2021 to share with you. We also have some ideas that can make time go faster while at home…


The peacefulness of blue tones in homes this year continues. Although the colour of 2021 is ‘AI Aqua,’ we will continue to see the popular dark blue tones of 2020 in furniture and decoration items. AI Aqua, the colour of the year announced recently by Pantone, creates positive energy in homes, and also provides a sporty and modern look. Aqua is mostly combined with dark royal blue, grey symbolizing modernity, and natural tones that bring light into the home. It can also be used with warm colours, such as light coral, pink, red, yellow, and orange, for a more cheerful style. Even if you do not plan to renovate the house thoroughly, you can change your home’s whole atmosphere with an aqua sofa cover, bedspread, or pillow. If you have do-it-yourself skills, you can paint chairs, frames, or vases in shades of blue. Thus, you can occupy your time and bring the ocean’s clean and fresh energy to your home during this period when we are spending much more time our houses.


Wood looks are returning. Kitchens, tables, walls, floors, cabinets, wood adds a cosy energy and can be used wherever you want in your home. To capture the mood of this year, you can use wood with different materials. For example, with other textured woods and ceramic, and the contrast of wood and concrete gives a home a striking look. On the walls, looks reminiscent of various textures such as marble and raw concrete stand out. In 2021, when the harmony of contrasts will prevail, we will see more rustic furniture in modern townhouses, industrial designs meet pop art pieces, and contrasting styles in the same space for comfortable and contemporary homes. In addition, graphic designs will now be seen not only on paintings, but also on wallpapers, fabrics, carpets, and vases. Exceptionally minimal face drawings will stand out this year, and accessories inspired by the Japanese art of repairing with gold, kintsugi, will also be popular.


With the increasing time we have spent at home, we had to find new ways to enjoy ourselves. Kitchens have become the centre of the house, and bathrooms have become spas. In our culture we already spend a lot of time in the kitchen, however turning the kitchen into a living space is increasing, for example, you can arrange a corner of your kitchen into a coffee station. Bathrooms, on the other hand, are being decorated to ensure more enjoyment and rejuvenation. In many homes, a specific area is temporarily used for a hobby, but when guests arrive the activity is put away. Just as a library is a part of the living room, our hobby areas are now designed to be a part of our living room and balconies. Likewise, our office spaces are now a part of the home layout. Balconies are included more in the house for a spacious, wide, and bright open feeling. Outside areas such as gardens, balconies, and terraces are being decorated to be used year-round.


Lamps that maximize energy savings, furniture made from recycled or bioplastic materials, organic wallpapers and upholstery fabrics will be more commonplace in our lives. In recent years, many parents have been paying attention to their babies’ health, but the use of organic materials in both baby’s and children’s rooms is now increasing, and the rooms are being designed with a genderless appearance. Walled gardens, rocks, pebbles, logs, natural and organic materials are becoming essential parts of decoration. Ecology friendly behaviours and conscious consumption are becoming our habits, as it is now easy to find multi-trash-bins designed for recycling. Not only in terms of kitchen waste, but also throwing away materials you do not use at home and instead repurposing them rather than buying new ones, and finding second-hand items is also a rising trend. Returning to nature of course means filling every corner of the house with plants and flowers. If you are allergic, you can instead create a similar ambiance with dried flowers or artificial plants.–


For a healthy body and soul

Staying inside at home for a long period of time can negatively affect your physical and mental health. To help stay positive, you can do a sport you like such as yoga, pilates, and aerobics, which are all readily available on YouTube and there are a lot of paid or free channels just for meditation. On days when you do not feel like doing anything, you will still feel good just by doing some breathing exercises. For example, take 10 diaphragmatic breaths several times a day, first inflate your stomach, then your chest, take a deep breath in, and then let it go slowly.

Imagine and write it down

Reading books is a great tool that develops the imagination any why not try building your imagination even further by dreaming a little bit differently and writing your own thoughts down? You may see a poetry book of your romantic verses, or a novel of your fantastic stories has been revealed! Even if you think “I have no ability to write”, at least set some future goals and put them down on paper. Writing something is seen as the first step towards making it happen, after all, we won’t be staying at home forever.

Excite your inner child with play

Games make people of all ages feel good, whether you play hangman or a video game. If you love video games and you haven’t had the opportunity before, now you can give yourself a gift and get a game console or if you think “I prefer to stay away from screens and do some brain training”, then maybe sudoku, puzzles or other cerebral games are for you. For family entertainment and getting to know each other better, you can play board games such as Monopoly, Taboo, or Pictionary.

Laughter prolongs life

Did you know that laughing is very beneficial for your health? In this regard, there are many YouTube programs that will make you incredibly healthy! Late Night Shows, Comedy Shows on Netflix, YouTube comedy channels… All guarantee you plenty of laughs.

Healthy food for yourself and your family

Cooking is both a form of therapy and the best way to eat a healthy diet. It is also a pleasure to watch the happiness of your loved ones eating your meals. Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, James Martin, Rachel Ray, Ree Drummond and many more successful chefs guide you with their online videos.

Take care of yourself

Now is the time to feel beautiful and apply the care treatments that you usually cannot find time for with the rush of daily life. Many natural care recipes for your hair, face, body, feet, or nails can easily be found with online searches.

Enjoy your tea on the balcony

Visit an herbalist, buy different herbal teas, and prepare yourself a healthy and delicious tea using a different recipe. Then, set yourself up on your balcony with your fleece blanket, listen to the sound of your street while sipping your tea, or talk to your neighbour who is also enjoying the balcony like you.