AntHaven is like a painting

Dr. Mehmet Demir has been enjoying his retirement in AntHaven since July 2020. We met Dr. Demir, who is now planning to live in Bodrum in the summer and winter, and talked about his life in his new home, which he describes as paradise.

Dr. Mehmet Demir is someone whose positivity is reflected in his face and voice and that energy immediately surrounds you.  Dr. Demir, who settled in Bodrum with his wife after working at a very intense pace as a doctor for many years, is enjoying his retirement with his boat. Dr. Demir, who has been living in AntHaven since last July, said, “This place felt like heaven to us. I walk to the beach and take a boat ride. I feel relief in my soul while looking at Aspat Hill, seeing the mountain is good for me.”

Dr. Demir, we would like to introduce you to your neighbours residing in Ant Yapı. Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello everyone. I am 71 years old. I am from Zonguldak. I graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 1974. After doing my gynaecology specialization at Bochum University in West Germany and working there for a while, I returned to Turkey. I worked as a gynaecologist and obstetrician for 45 years. My wife, Banu, is also a doctor. She came into my life in the first few years of my work. We have a daughter, a son, and a 1-year-old grandchild. 

How did you come to AntHaven?

We have wanted to have a house in Bodrum for years. Only the southern part of the peninsula attracted our attention, and Aspat Bay is a fantastic place. When I heard about AntHaven, I was very interested, however, I never expected it would be this beautiful. Mehmet Okay’s interest was also very helpful in us buying a house here, and we have now been here since last July.

Why did you choose this place?

We live in Istanbul, Salacak, but now, the benches facing the Maiden’s Tower are empty and nobody was watching the sunsets over Hagia Sophia on Salacak seafront. AntHaven seemed like heaven to us, I walk to the beach and take a boat ride. The view of Aspat Hill, gives me the feeling of excitement in my soul and looking at the mountain is good for me and the sea is crystal clear.

What did you feel when you first came here?

When I first came here, I felt like it was 1,200 years ago. I saw the Roman bath on the opposite side of the stream, house ruins on the beach, and city walls. While watching the mountain, an East Roman soldier was on guard at the castle. It was as if he was watching the ships coming and going, circling around. The ships preparing to set sail were filling their barrels with water. On the ships, there were amphoras filled with wine, olives, and oil. The children were running around. It’s 2020, August, and we are in AntHaven. There are children’s voices again in the streets and this is the most beautiful sound in the world. At AntHaven, first, the silhouette of the houses caught my attention, then the eucalyptus trees. Every home is different, and there is an elegance in craftsmanship when I looked more closely. Anthaven was built as a project and turned into a work of art and then a painting with its guests, and I’m happy to be part of that painting. This is a happy village from the past rather than a summer estate, it is a beautiful village which is very difficult to leave.

Is this your first time buying a house from Ant Yapı?

This was the second, we have bought in Port Alaçatı before.

What is the neighbourhood and social environment like in AntHaven?

The place is beautiful and so too are the people, life gets better here with every new neighbour. So far, everything is going very, very well.

We believe you are living there in the summer and winter.

Yes, we plan to stay in the winter due to the pandemic. Winter will surely be better here than in the big cities. 

After working so hard and at a stressful pace as a doctor, was the transition to retirement difficult? How do you fill the void of your past busy routine?

For 45 years in my profession I have passed between the delivery room and the operating room; this is a very long time. Last year I said “ok”, I bought my small boat and came here. That’s all, and I am so happy.

We know that you are a Harley Davidson fan… What are your other hobbies and interests?

Yes, we travelled with a Harley for 6 years, we even did a Black Sea tour. During that time, I enjoyed the freedom and adrenaline. After that I enjoyed skiing, windsurfing, and scuba diving and for the last 15 years, I have had an interest in boats. 

Among the cities you travelled to, which ones affected you the most?

Jerusalem, Cairo, Isfahan as cities, Peru, Kenya, India as countries, and we have not yet finished visiting the ancient cities of our own beautiful country.