June, one of the most beautiful months of year has arrived.

Probably the most beautiful day of this month is the third Sunday.

In other words, a special day designated to remember and celebrate our fathers, for whom we say “Dad is like a plane tree, even if it has no fruit, its shadow is enough”…

The history of the day was born in America…

Sonora Smart Dodd applied for Father’s Day to be her father’s birthday, June 5, to honor her father, who raised six children alone in their mother’s absence.

However, Father’s Day was determined to be the 3rd Sunday of June and has been celebrated all over the world for many years.

On this special day we honor our fathers, who are every girl’s first love and every boy’s first hero.

Today is actually very important for them, as we indulge them with special and beautiful words “My big-hearted, handsome, strong Daddy, I love you very much and congratulate you on your day”.

All in all, the day is a great opportunity to show them how much you love them. Kiss, smell, hug, celebrate the day, and be with them!

Can Yücel puts it very well…

If your father leaves;
The mountain you lean on leaves
Your roots leave
Your back leaves
Through an inn with two doors
Your way to the destination leaves

If your father leaves;
The helpful hands leave
Your mind leaves, your life leaves
In your burning heart,
Your childhood leaves

If your father leaves;
The hands to kiss leave
Your joy leaves

So, we should understand their value, and not upset them.  We just wanted to remind you that we know how difficult it is to build our homes where we can live beautifully.

While we commemorate our deceased fathers with longing, we wish all our fathers a healthy long life and celebrate their days.