On this journey where our goal is to be better in every area every day, we have updated our website antwell.com.tr with a simpler, more user-friendly interface and with a mobile compatible feature. Our website is available now, it is where we do our best to reflect the luxurious time our guests will have at Antwell and present our service concepts.

Technology that is always developing gives us the advantage of accessing what we need easier and faster. Therefore, we are delighted to offer the convenience that technology gives us, both in our hotel and on our website, providing our guests with better services.

We updated Antwell’s website, providing visitors who log onto our website with clear information that includes every detail from legal procedures about the prevention of Covid to our practices with our employees; from the precautions we take for our guests’ check-in and check-out processes to our isolation protocol. The message to our guests is: “You do not have to postpone your trips or vacations anymore because of the pandemic.”

On the Features tab on our website, visitors will find detailed information about the services they can enjoy during their stay, check out our activity and wellness areas, and obtain information about our health services. Our guests can check out the advantageous campaigns and prices, and benefit from special accommodation offers.

Our visitors, who are able to view various rooms and suites in extended detail, can also book instantly with or without a payment option. Our website also includes the menu of our restaurant Eatwell with its fascinating view, and photos of the Terrace Café’s view.

We are excited to meet our guests via a faster route thanks to the dynamic website we have redesigned.