On February 14th this year, the stars are collaborating to make us feel happy, passionate and in love a little more than ever before. For those who are in a relationship and those that are not will experience very intense feelings on Valentine’s Day this year. The aspects of the planets will give us the courage to express our feelings without hesitation.

Aries, the Moon is in alignment with your Sun and is calling you to focus on your needs. If you get close attention or compliments from someone, enjoy it but never settle for anything less than what you want because it goes against the natural order of being an Aries.

Taurus, a day of passion and an evening with original surprises awaits you. However, for this, you will have to have your phone on airplane mode and focus completely on the night you will spend with your lover.

Gemini, you will have a day of curiosity and excitement to listen to the history of your lover or the person you love. You should not forget that the person in front of you is ready to tell you all the details and they will expect the same behavior from you.

Cancer, when it comes to love for you, making your partner happy always comes first. However, if you allow the opportunity, you will see that your loved one is planning a romantic evening.

Leo, defining your relationship will shape how you spend Valentine’s Day.

Virgo, at the end of a romantic, unpretentious evening, you will find that the feelings between you and your lover intensify sooner than you think.


Libra, you may be quite impatient and eager to express your feelings this month.

Scorpio, you may find yourself apologizing to your ex or someone you’ve been in a long term relationship with.

Sagittarius, since you are not a super romantic person, you will find yourself planning jokes for your lover as a way to express your feelings.

Capricorn, after a delicious meal with your lover, you will feel your love strengthen while watching your favorite movies. February will be a month where you attract people like a magnet.

Aquarius, we know that being up in the clouds is not for you, but this month you will be with messages and calls from your love, family, and everyone you know.

Pisces, if you’re looking for love, it’s time to put the past aside. For Pisces in a relationship, it will be an evening of intense rapprochement, be prepared.