100th Issue of EQ

Following our establishment in the early 90’s, we were mainly importing, exporting, and contracting in construction, and after 10 years we started to develop our first real estate projects in Istanbul.

It has been many years since the first issue of our EQ magazine, which we started to publish in the beginning of the 2000’s in order to better understand and connect with you. With this issue, we are happy to communicate with you for the 100th time.

During this period, the highly talented, hardworking and devoted Ant Yapı Team, which began as a team of five or ten people, has now reached a number exceeding tens of thousands.

Also, the number of our ‘Friends of Ant Yapı’, which is how we always like to refer to you, has exceeded tens of thousands too. In other words, we never forget that we are here thanks to both our ‘Ant Yapı Team’ and our ‘Ant Yapı Friends’, and we are very grateful for you all.

As a company celebrating its 30th anniversary, we have accomplished millions of square meters of real estate projects both at home and abroad over just a short period of time, and we have risen to the rank of 50th among international contractors, and we are very proud to be in the top 3 among the Turkish contractors – to that we say ‘Happy 30th anniversary!’.

As we always say, we have accomplished great things in very difficult geographies and situations.

We have always taken advantage of thinking positively and for the sake of sustainability, we continue to produce new projects both at home and abroad without compromising our ideas.

As our proverbs say, “No matter how high the mountain is, the road will pass over it” or “If you call something an ‘obstacle’, you will trip and fall, if you call it a ‘step’, you will jump over it”. In short, we work with the idea of “obstacles are there to overcome, not to stumble on”.

With these thoughts in mind, we hope to announce to you the news of our very special projects in the new year, both in print and digital media, through our EQ magazine, and to continue to meet you in every issue, without compromising our mood and motivation.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish both the ‘Friends of Ant Yapı’ and the ‘Ant Yapı Team’ a happy new year full of health, success, peace, and tranquility.

The Chair