30th Year and the Peak

We are a company that has completed its 30th year in the construction industry and we have done so by continuing our journey without compromising our vision and mission, and by learning lessons from all the events over the past three decades. We are aware that it is much more difficult to stay here if we call the place we have reached the peak.

Speaking of the peak we ranked 57th in the Top 250 International Contractors list of 2021 and 3rd in Turkey and 29th in Europe. These are the highest rankings we have achieved so far, and we have strengthened our position.

We have reached the peak because of our successful work both at home and abroad, but we know that ‘there is always room for one more person at the peak’. We are aware that it is very difficult to be at the peak; it is very windy, there is little oxygen, you should act without gloating, the ground is not solid, you need to be on firm ground, if you gloat, your fall will be very dangerous. In other words, it is a fact that “Climbing up to the peak is hard but staying there is harder” and we should keep this fact in mind.

We established our company with great dreams and stepped into a world of entrepreneurship from a corporate world 30 years ago. We have walked a long road with a precise vision and mission, and we have not compromised on these principles even under the most difficult conditions. Despite changing circumstances, we continued to pursue our dreams without deviating from our ideals and values. The quotes “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” by Albert Einstein and “Dreaming means everything, it is a preview of what life will bring you” reflects our attitudes, dreams, and ideas.

Of course, we can’t say, “We were so perfect, we didn’t make any mistakes” while walking this road that we have determined. However, our mistakes have given us more experience and led us to be more careful. We found our friends thanks to our mistakes. There is a saying “If you want to know your friends, MAKE A MISTAKE!” Yes, thanks to the mistakes we made, we met great friends. We have many understanding, tolerant and forgiving friends, due to these our errors.

This is why we always use the term “Friends of Ant Yapı” when talking about you all. It is thanks to your support, trust, and encouragement, that we in the Ant Yapı Team, continue on our journey without deviating from our path.

In reference to our name, we continue working like ‘ants’ and we ‘praise, trust and work’ as mentioned in the verses of the Oath. Since we have taken the Oath that ‘On the path that Atatürk paved, in the country that he established, we swear to walk incessantly with the purposes that he set.’

We never forget and know that the beautiful people of this beautiful country deserve the best. It is our important duty to preserve and further develop the legacy of the Republic of Turkey, which our ancestors, under very difficult conditions, left for us.