Healing period

The Chiron Star starts its 5-month retrograde process. This retrograde will be a very productive process for examining, understanding, and internalizing the experiences that have hurt us throughout our lives and that we have not been able to overcome. During this retrograde, we will be emotionally purified and be able to put everything in order.

If you have never heard of the Chiron star, you are not alone. It is not a star we are familiar with and many astrologers choose not to work with it in their interpretations and predictions. However, others prefer to benefit from Chiron, especially when dealing with emotional wounds and trauma.

The comet Chiron, located between Saturn and Uranus, was discovered in 1977 and was named after the Centaur, a healer and self-healing teacher in Greek mythology. The comet’s placement in your birth chart reveals your ability to guide others by healing a wound you have carried throughout your life by transforming it into wisdom. For example, if you have Chiron in your main air sign Libra, ruled by the beauty-oriented Venus and the ruler of the seventh partnership house, you may see yourself as attractive or try to balance relationships and struggle to resolve issues. Therefore, your Chiron influence revolves around your self-image and requires that the partnerships you enter exist on an equal basis where you and the other person meet in the middle. The house in which Chiron is in your birth chart is also important. Let us assume that Chiron is in the tenth house of career in Gemini. No matter how hard you try, you may feel that your efforts to prove yourself with communication and technology will fail to live up to a Gemini. However, once you master these battles, you can become a great mentor to others in your professional field.

So what should we do? Being tasked with the intimidating undertaking of analyzing your deepest insecurities and painful feelings may not sound like a good idea. Nevertheless, that is part of being human. Similar to the planets, Chiron’s retrograde invites us to take a break from everyday chores to take care of ourselves mentally and emotionally. By focusing on your brave side and advancing through the healing process, you can see that you are prepared to break toxic bonds, habits, and patterns.

It will make much more sense in the process to stop making excuses and eliminate things that no longer help you. If you use this process productively, you will be wiser, stronger, and possibly ready to guide others along the same path.

Chiron retrograde can be a valuable process to discuss your dreams, journal, or deal with past traumas with a therapist. Since this happens in the impatient and competitive fire sign Aries ruled by Retro Mars, you might act hastily to deal with your bad memories and insecurities. Unfortunately, the effort to be hasty contradicts with Chiron’s purpose. So do your best to slow down and take this chance to heal gradually.