We continue our journey without compromising our mission and vision that we determined in the early 90’s, when we started the business as a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team. The mission and vision stated here is to minimize the waste of natural resources without harming the environment; to make no concessions on quality with contemporary and modern work; to deliver projects on time and in full with optimum cost solutions; to give a new impulse to the sector; to reflect changes and innovations in all aspects of our business.

On this journey we, as an international construction group that achieves signature projects in Turkey, Turkic Republics, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, have diversified our business segments. We have developed and will continue to develop in various sectors from construction to tourism.

At the point we have reached today and with the energy of 30 years of experience we continue our operations with a large staff of over 10 thousand, a construction area of 10 million square meters, and an annual return of more than 1 billion dollars in all countries where we operate.

We work without compromising the policies and principles that we set at the beginning, in an atmosphere where many economic, political, and social events have taken place, and everything has changed rapidly in the 2000’s; the Millennium Age. Considering the future and in the name of sustainability, we carry out works that set an example and realize innovations. We trust our team on this journey.

As we continue on our journey without compromising on Ant Yapı policies and sustainability concepts, we will share new developments with you in EQ Magazine and we wish the Ant Yapı team and the friends of Ant Yapı a healthy and peaceful Ramadan and happy Eid.