8 steps to achieving your New Year’s resolutions

Let’s knock it out of the ballpark this year and keep the promises we made to ourselves for a healthier and happier life as we enter a new year. Here are 8 practical suggestions that will be good for you in 2021. 

1- Choose a maximum of 3 goals for yourself and be realistic

No matter how determined you may be to achieve your goals, the responsibilities of everyday life can get in the way and distract you. Therefore, it is best to set one goal that is important to you, and even if you are incredibly determined, a maximum of three. Choose goals that are accessible, clear, and what you really want to achieve.

2- Prepare and detail your annual plan

List the reasons behind your decision and post it where you can see it every day. If you forget why you made this decision, take another look at the list so your motivation will be renewed. You can add to the list from time to time. 

3- Remind yourself of your motivation

Many of us already do this in our work life. Make a detailed annual plan to achieve a long-term goal. This process will enable you to think in more detail about your goal and help you determine tactics to deal with the obstacles you may encounter. 

4- Do not be afraid; set a weekly goal

Set your plan annually and goals weekly. When the goal is to lose one kilogram, not 30 kilograms, you are less likely to give up. Celebrate your victory when you reach your small weekly goals. Refresh your goals according to your progress, so if you go astray, it will be easier to get back on track. 

5- Keep a development diary, write your own success story

The best way to see how far you deviated from your plan, or how close you are to your goals is to give yourself feedback. Keep a development diary for this. This diary will be the written proof of your successful journey after achieving your goal.

6- Do not set aside the whole plan for the smallest setback

There are occasional setbacks in any long-term plan, but don’t give up everything when you go astray. Start over by saying that yesterday was yesterday. Show tolerance and compassion for yourself on this challenging path, but don’t make excuses to sabotage your plan.

7- Reward yourself, choose the right gifts

Achieving the goal is more fun if there is a reward at the end. Reward yourself when you reach specific success points, but if you are on a diet, don’t gift yourself a box of chocolates! Don’t let your gifts distract you from your goals.

8- Create a support group with your friends

You don’t have to fight alone; allow your friends to be by your side. Create a group to support you when you have less motivation. Perhaps if you find a companion who will pursue the same goal as you, it will be easier and more fun to move forward.