Considering that we, as Ant Yapı, have left three decades behind in this sector, this brings to my mind the words of Necip Fazıl Kısakürek…

“One has to work like an ant to leave giant artifacts behind.”

As you know, while establishing ‘ANT’ Yapı, we were inspired by Atatürk’s words “I am a Turk, honest and hardworking”.

In addition, in line with our goal to carry out activities abroad, we thought that the meaning of ‘ANT‘, which is the English equivalent of the word ’ant’, would suit us very well as we set out.

In this process, we have left ‘giant artifacts’ exceeding 10 million square meters both in Türkiye and abroad, from working like an ‘ant’.

Let us not underestimate these little creatures.

Their biggest asset is their understanding of being a part of a great ‘society’.  In their communities, division of labor, interpersonal communication, and ability to solve complex problems are highly developed.

They are exceptionally hardworking, intelligent, productive, and fast. They are extremely organized in terms of division of labor and colonies – their living spaces which are quite complex structures can reach half a kilometer in diameter.

I believe anthills are just like our cities. Thousands of ants living in a single anthill, some take care of the young while some build, some carry food to the anthill, some take on the task of cleaning, and some protect their home.

When they come across a hungry friend, ants, which are quite self-sacrificing, transfer food by touching another antennae with their own antennae.

Despite their delicate appearance, they have a very strong structure and can carry tens of times their own weight. As their bodies are so lightweight, they do not die even if they fall from very high.

They fight just like us humans to protect the colonies they have built. The average life span of an ant varies between 45-60 days, and when they die, a liquid is released from their bodies, so that ants who receive the news carry their dead friends to their graves.

Apart from the main features I mentioned above, we cannot deny that these creatures, which perform hundreds of useful tasks, and the organized collective life structure they create, contain a philosophy of life that can set an example for humanity.

In this issue of our magazine, we take a look at the accomplishments we have achieved on our journey by looking at the philosophy of the life of ants. While trying to protect and develop our structure in an organized way with good teamwork and division of labor, despite all kinds of challenges, we are pursuing new and very special projects as you will see in our magazine.

We are proud to do something nice for our beautiful country Türkiye and abroad. We receive awards, and we continue to be productive, and we never forget to say “I am a Turk, honest and hardworking” with every step we take.