Optimist: The glass is half full

Pessimist: The glass is half empty

Realist: There is half a glass of water

Relativist: According to whom, according to what

Egoist: This glass is mine

Surrealist: It is an ocean

Nihilist: There is no glass

Sceptic: Which glass

Pragmatist: I drank the water

Opportunist: It is beautiful

Fascist: If it’s empty, break it

Communist: Let everyone take a sip

Socialist: Let’s be careful not to break it

Capitalist: I can reproduce these and sell them

Imperialist: The glass should be mine

Feminist: Why is this glass in the shape of a woman?

Conformist: Give me a glass of water

Minimalist: The glass is nice, but it seems a little big

Narcissist: Look at the beauty of the glass, just like me

And on it goes….

We wanted to share with you a collection of different points of view, of different interpretations, and examples of every point of view, every thought, every belief. Consider the disagreements and discussions around the world, if we could accept and welcome the diversity of people, there would be no problems; the issue here is to understand the point of view of another person. Maybe we want to convince someone, but if we can’t, we shouldn’t be offended, there is no other choice but to accept human nature and ultimately respect it. Even Einstein said, “It is harder to crack prejudices, than an atom”.

We first are ‘optimists’ then ‘realists’, And naturally, our philosophy does not change. We respect different opinions, and we continue on our journey without deviating from our philosophy and positivity, no matter what happens at home or abroad.

Although we talked about the phenomenon ‘Metaverse’ in our magazine, as it has been on the agenda recently, we always support reality. No matter what generation X, Y or Z thinks, transactions made with coins in a virtual world do not fit with us! In this context, we will continue to build tangible, visible, real residences, on real lands. Likewise, while maintaining our position on starting new projects abroad, we are delighted to announce that we are about to start the second phase of our ‘ANTHAVEN’ project in Bodrum and the new phase of Beylerbeyi ‘ANTTERAS’ in our home country.

We will inform you first when these projects begin in the Spring, and meanwhile, we wish you all a peaceful time.