Being an Optimist…

As you know, those learning to sail start with an Optimist class.

Basic training is taken in these boats to get to know the sport, the sea, and the wind, as well as to enjoy the freedom and peace of sailing in a direction, with no engines.

There is evidence that participating in this sport supports physical development, especially for children and young people, as well as many additional benefits such as analytical thinking, intelligence development, building self-confidence and courage, quick decision-making, endurance, determination, a fighting spirit, and social development.

In addition, the philosophical meaning of the word “optimist” has the following explanation: A mindset that thinks positively, is optimistic and believes that good will always prevail over evil…

However, the concept of being realistic should not be ignored, alongside being optimistic. It is a fact that optimists have a different attitude to pessimists as they tend to approach things more realistically.

Three characteristics of those who are successful and maintain a level-head: smart, motivated, and optimistic.  A purely optimistic outlook can have some drawbacks however it can produce very positive results when combined with a realistic mindset. With this point of view, much better results will emerge compared to acting with a pessimistic attitude or acting with a pessimistic mind combined with a realistic approach. It is challenging to get anywhere by always being skeptical and negative, and such a mindset contributes little to the development of both our world and ourselves. On the contrary, it spreads negative energy and can disrupt a peaceful society.

In summary, reviewing events and people with both an optimistic and realist outlook:

We have a better view of the bigger picture.

We achieve a more objective approach.

We refrain from making uniformed opinions.

We can distinguish between reality and fantasy without prejudice.

We do not wait for miracles to happen.

We do not wait for help from others.

We keep our feet on the ground.

We always have a plan B.

We stay psychologically and physically healthier.

As a result, we see the world in a more beautiful way and have the capacity to make it more attractive in every sense.

Sharing these thoughts takes us back to the beginning, when we announced the establishment of the ‘Anthaven Yacht Club’ with our neighbors in our Anthaven project, and the ideas around the ‘Optimist’ sailing classes.

Board Member