Reborn with the spring (vernal) equinox

Thanks to the spring equinox on March 20, the circle of life is carrying the fresh breeze of a new awakening. A wonderful spring energy invites our whole being to be reborn, grow and blossom. It is time to get rid of the unwanted and unneeded. New opportunities are calling.

Seasons have flown by, and the world embraces a never-ending growing and rebirth cycle. When it comes to astrology, the vernal equinox also holds a deep significance: It’s the start of the astrological new year, which begins when the sun enters Aries. It was on March 20 this year. It is time to organize and plan your goals, heart, and priorities in this lively and joyful process.

An opportunity for each Zodiac sign

How will the Zodiac signs be affected by the spring equinox? It is time for Aries to not only accept who they are but also to be proud of their personality. Taurus is likely to travel, go hiking, journey the world, meet new people, pursue a new romance, and change careers. A new and bright period starts for Geminis in terms of a professional partnership, love, and romantic affairs. Cancers will reap the fruits of their hard work and will approach the idea of love more favorably. For Leos, 2021 is a milestone, the seeds you plant this year will shape your future! Virgos are at the beginning of a long process of developing their career, health, appearance, money, investment, and property.

There will be unexpected events leading to a great opportunity such as a big love, a baby, business opportunity, or a brand-new creative project for Libras. Friendship, family bonds, love and romance wink at Scorpios; the obstacles they face are eliminated. Sagittarius will find the strength, energy, assistance, or expertise they need to overcome any obstacles they face. For Capricorns the universe gives a green light to do what they dream of the most and are excited about. Aquarius has taken a lot of effort but now they are recovering from financial instability. A period begins for Pisces in which they will be aware of their self-values. Change what suffocates you and engage in what makes you happy.

Watch out for these dates

Mercury is in Pisces until April 4. We will be creative and intuitive in terms of communication. However, there is also the risk of dreaming and drifting away from reality, not being able to focus on your work and making mistakes. Jupiter, the house of good luck, abundance, and growth, will be in Pisces between May 13 and July 28. On May 26, there will be a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius that will bring to light the situation we are in and the important conditions of our relationships. Mercury will be in retrograde in Gemini from 29 May to 22 June. During this time, we will change and develop our deepest perspective and ideology.